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How running has helped me in my business journey

Growing up, I had no sporty female role models in the family and I had no passionate for sports or fitness. I started making time for fitness in my late 30s and running came into my life when i turned 40 and I joined 261 Fearless Club Newcastle. Running made me stronger and more determined. Casual runs around the block turned into park runs, park runs into 5k races, 5k to 10k and 10k to half marathons.

Being empowered by running and the 261 community, I became passionate in advocating the joy and importance of fitness and wellness. Upon understanding the ethos of this non competitive global club, I stepped up to the role of a coach and now volunteer as a 261 Fearless Coach.

Photo from Diya Wellness Walk

Running and fitness have not only contributed to my personal growth but they have also given me the confidence to my set up my business and help grow my brand. Running has taught me discipline and perseverance, helping me overcome various tasks and challenges business brings.

Running also provides me the mental space to think creatively. I often come up with ideas and make decisions while running in the fresh air. I love my Me Time and always try to make time for a run. Each run gives me an oportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally - this is a powerful mindset that I carry over into my work.

Photo from Diya Wellness Walk

I wouldn’t have met so many amazing women if not for the club - women of different cultures and backgrounds but all on the same mission to empower each other on their fitness and wellness journey. A supportive community inspiring one other to care for their overall well-being - something I am also working towards with my brand.

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Photo from Diya Wellness Walk