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Wellness Walk

Diya’s 1st Wellness Walk

Movement and nature is a BIG part of my wellness journey. I absolutely love going for runs and walks in the fresh air so decided to share this experience with my wellness community. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I put out my plan to do a leisurely walk together but I received a great response, even those who couldn’t join us supported the idea.

Photo from Diya Wellness

The weather was on our side this morning - which was a bonus! The group was so lovely and friendly. We started our walk from the entrance of Armstrong Bridge, aiming to complete a leisurely 3k. We stopped to look and admire the beautiful trees and flowers on the way. We played a little poohsticks game at the bridge and it was so much fun! We also stopped to check out some wild garlic and Jessica from Sama Therapies shared some amazing recipes.

Our youngest participant came on her cool unicorn bike and she was buzzing to see the animals at Pets Corner and the ducks swimming in the river.

Photo from Diya Wellness Walk

It felt so good to connect with positive minded people. We had some interesting conversions and lighthearted discussions. We were all so busy chatting and having a good laugh that we didn’t realise the distance of the walk. We parted ways feeling fresh and rejuvenated, hoping to meet again!

It’s so import to make time to move your body and I’m proud of everyone who joined me this morning. Well done and good luck staying committed to your wellness goals!

Photo from Diya Wellness Walk

If you like to join us on our next walk, get in touch to put your name down on the list.

Spaces are limited!